NBA Game 15,16 Staples Center – Kings at Clippers 1/16/16, Rockets at Lakers 1/17/16

LA is world class

Getting There – Flew from Indy to LA the morning of 1/16 and checked into the downtown LA Sheraton which was booked on Hotwire and within walking distance of the arena. My friends Jay and Nick coming from Phoenix couldn’t make it til Sunday, and my buddy Dave couldn’t end up making it so I had to do the Clippers game solo on Saturday.

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The Seats – Clippers: 1 ticket Section 303, Row 13, Seat 18, $26. Purchased direct, simply to get in as I roamed around.

Lakers: 3 tickets Section 303, Row 8, Seat 5, 6, 7 Total $302.42 ($100.81 each).


Pretty amazing how basically the same exact ticket was 4x the price for the Lakers than the Clippers, even though the Clippers are the much better team.

The Game – Clippers: The Clippers were on an 10 game winning streak, but playing their first game since 2010 without Deandre Jordan or Blake Griffin in the lineup. I’ll honestly say I didn’t pay an extreme amount of attention to the first half of the game, mostly checking the place out and watching the amazing Packers vs. Cardinals playoff game in one of the bars there. Found a nice upper baseline seat to watch the second half, and it was a very close game throughout, but the Kings staved off the Clippers at the end and broke the Clips winning streak.

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Lakers: Rooting hard for the Rockets and also for my main men Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell on the Lakers, it was a very entertaining and exciting game for the first half, high scoring and close, and the highly favored Rockets only led by 3 at the half. But once the 3rd quarter started the Rockets quit playing around and put the game out of reach by the end of the quarter. Best part was every time Dwight Howard touched or came near the ball he was greeting with loud boos from the jilted Lakers fans.

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Kings 110 – Clippers 101
Rockets 112 – Lakers 95

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