Top 5 NBA Injury Comebacks


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#5 Shaun Livingston

Injury: Torn ACL, MCL, and PCL

Recovery time: 1 year+ and intense rehab with treatment

Shaun Livingston makes this list out of pure respect . Anybody who has seen the footage of his injury understands what I mean. Livingston was drafted 4th overall by the Clippers and was expected to have an immediate impact on the team. In his first two seasons, he did just that averaging 6 points, 3 boards, and 5 assists per game. On February 26th, 2007 all of that changed. Coming down from a fast break layup, Livingston’s knee gave out from underneath him and he tore his ACL, MCL, and PCL. His doctors actually told him that his leg may have to be amputated, but Livingston pushed through it and made a full recovery. He bounced around the league though, going from the Heat, to Memphis, to the 66ers (Oklahoma’s D-League team), to signing with the Thunder, to the Wizards, to the Bobcats, to Houston, and then signing with Cavs before being released shortly after. Livingston couldn’t find any stable ground in the league until signing with the Brooklyn Nets, upon Jason Kidd’s request. His debut season, this season, was fantastic. He started off as a back-up but earned his role as a starter. He averaged 8 points and 3 assists throughout the regular season and was a key component in the Nets’ playoff run which ended that year. Now he’s thriving as Steph Curry’s backup going to his third NBA Finals in a row, with a ring. Getting decent minutes and making an impact on one of the best teams ever. Either way, it’s good to see Livingston making waves in the league again. Imagine the recovery time it took Shaun, for him to fully recover it took 1 year and he was able to come back and play. Use the page numbers to navigate through!

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