10 Insane Things That Were True About Basketball 10+ Years Ago




Changes happen. Whether it involves teams, players, or cities, a lot can change in a decade; especially in sports. Players and rules from 10 years ago could seem akin to the days of dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period. At the same time, however, things that happened 10 years ago could make you say, “Wait, was that really a whole decade ago?” Time can play tricks ad fool anyone of us. It’s important, of course, to never forget the many memories that the NBA has brought us. Today, we are going back to reflect and remember 10 things that happened a little more than 10 years ago. Make sure you are prepared. The basketball world that you know was much different a decade ago. In fact, what was true in the NBA 10+ years ago may seem completely insane to the young minds of today. Click the page numbers to navigate through

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