2014 NBA Draft Grades (All 30 teams)



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The 2014 NBA Draft is now a thing of the past. It gives teams, fans, and the media a chance to sit back and reflect on what happened. There are now 60 new members that have been added to the NBA family. Well, 61 if you want to include Isaiah Austin being drafted by the NBA in one of the classiest moves in recent NBA history. It was pretty noticeable to see which teams clearly put in a lot of effort to significantly improve their rosters while other teams seemed to show little effort with their minds on another thing, free agency. Every year there are surprises; there are steals and of course there are picks that leave you shocked and confused. Here are RTNBA’s draft grades for all the teams. (The Mavericks, Warriors, Pacers, Trail Blazers, and Wizards are not in this article because they had zero picks this year.) Use the page numbers to navigate through

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