2014 Top NBA Draft Prospects


(pic via draftexpress.com)

7. Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart is a 6’3″, 227 pound 2-way guard from Oklahoma State University. Smart is built like a brick house. His strength and length (6’9″wingspan!!) are a big part of what he brings to the game. He is also a vicious attacker and relentless defender (kind of like Westbrook). Smart still has to prove to teams that his jump shot isn’t broken. Smart struggled as a shooter at times and also as a decision-maker (kind of like Westbrook) during his 2 seasons at OSU. These negatives are easy to overlook due to his competitive edge, passing instincts, and production across the board (kind of like Westbrook). This leads me to think that Smart can be drafted as high as number 4 and as low as number 7.

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