2014 Top NBA Draft Prospects


(pic via insidethehall.com)

5. Noah Vonleh

Noah Vonleh is 6’9.5″ power forward from Indiana University. Vonleh has an incredible 7’4″ wingspan and weighs 247 pounds (he’s still 18 years old!!!!). Vonleh also has some monstrous hands, which he used to lead the Big 10 in rebounding, averaging 9 per game is just under 27 minutes. Vonleh also shot 52% from the field and 48.5% from behind the arc. Yes, he only attempted 33 3s the whole season and made 16 of them, but that could be a sign that he could develop a very strong outside shooting game. Vonleh is also very good at creating his own shot. Vonleh also still has a lot of time to grow. Vonleh is listed ahead of Randle because he is almost a year younger than him, has a better outside stroke, and has 4 extra inches of length. Noah Vonleh will be a very hard prospect for some teams to pass up on.

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