2015 NBA Draft Big Board Top 30


R.J. Hunter

Shooting Guard – Georgia State University – Junior

Height: 6’6” – Weight: 185 – Wingspan: 6’10.5” – Max Vertical: 33.5”

19.7 Points – 4.7 Rebounds – 3.6 Assists – 2.1 Steals – 30.5 3P%

Overall Ranking #16 – Comparison: Kevin Martin

Strengths: A good shooter with range (3P% is from poor shot selection), great athlete, jaw-dropping passing vision, awesome instincts, scorers mentality, hot spots are anywhere within half court.

Weaknesses: Shot selection, weaker than most players, extremely thin, played zone in college, needs to become a better defender and not rely on his athleticism, and needs to tighten his handle.

Summary: Out of all the tools that Hunter has, passing might be his best. He’s a phenomenal creator for his teammates. Hunter should be a great sparkplug for a team that needs scoring because he’ll be able to score in the NBA from day one. Buckets of confidence come with this pick.

Kevon Looney

Power Forward – UCLA – Freshman

Height: 6’9” – Weight: 220 – Wingspan: 7’3.5” – Max Vertical: N/A

11.6 Points – 9.2 Rebounds – 1.4 Assists – 1.3 Steals – 41.5 3P%

Overall Ranking #17 – Comparison: Lamar Odom

Strengths: Fantastic rebounder on both ends, attacks the rebound doesn’t wait to catch it, very good at boxing out, takes care of the basketball, lethal shooting stroke as a stretch forward, very versatile, can play three positions.

Weaknesses: Poor free throw shooter, has trouble defending legit big men, can’t get “up”, needs to improve his quickness and defense, bad screener, consistency is an issue.

Summary: Looney is a versatile player that is best when used as a stretch four. He can score in a variety of ways, but loves the outside jumper. At times can be a liability on defense, but has measurements that are ideal throughout his improvement. Looney needs such a unique system to fit properly, that it could cause him to drop further and further down the board on draft night.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

Wing – University of Arizona – Sophomore

Height: 6’7” – Weight: 210 – Wingspan: 7’2” – Max Vertical: 38”

11.2 Points – 6.8 Rebounds – 1.6 Assists – 1.2 Steals – 70.7 FT%

Overall Ranking #18 – Comparison: Bruce Bowen

Strengths: Outstanding perimeter defender, can guard four positions, tough rebounder, fearless when running through screeners/crowds/walls.

Weaknesses: Awful jump shooter, turns the ball over too often, and has a problem throwing accurate passes, mediocre touch inside.

Summary: Hollis-Jefferson HAS to find the right fit otherwise he won’t make it long in this league because his offense is so bad. He’s a legit lockdown in-your-face defender. Ultimate competitor that’ll do everything you ask him to, except score.

Kelly Oubre

Wing – University of Kansas – Freshman

Height: 6’7” – Weight: 200 – Wingspan: 7’2.25” – Max Vertical: 37”

9.3 Points – 5.0 Rebounds – 0.8 Assists – 35.8 3P%

Overall Ranking #19 – Comparison: Rudy Gay

Strengths: Extremely athletic, jumps passing lanes well due to his humongous wingspan, active hands along the perimeter, fantastic shooter with deep range and a very high release point, smooth offensive player, great feel for offense, if left hand gets free it’ll result in buckets, an imposing rebounder for his position.

Weaknesses: Played defense for steals instead of stops, can’t create his own shot, awful ball handler, turns the ball over too often, doesn’t do anything without the ball, stands around too often.

Summary: Oubre could be a talented NBA scorer, but presents too much risk to be taken in the lottery. He’s a great athlete that doesn’t have a intangibles, defensive traits, or the ability to create. My guess is he’ll be somewhere between a catch-and-shoot three point specialist and a solid starting wing.

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