2015 NBA Draft Big Board Top 30


Montrezl Harrell

Center/Power Forward – University of Louisville – Junior

Height: 6’8” – Weight: 250 – Wingspan: 7’4.25” – Max Vertical: N/A

15.7 Points – 9.2 Rebounds – 1.4 Assists – 1.2 Blocks – 56.6 FG%

Overall Ranking #20 – Comparison: Draymond Green/Paul Millsap

Strengths: Hardest working player in the NCAA, TOUGH, doesn’t get pushed around despite being extremely undersized, long arms, great shot blocker, mastermind of the two-handed surprise dunk, fights for every rebound, a motor similar to Kevin Garnett’s, will sell tickets because of his transition abilities, strong as an ox.

Weaknesses: Average post defender, forces too much, last option on offense, sloppy with the ball, bites on fakes too often.

Summary: Harrell is capable of defending multiple positions at the next level (including centers). With his continued hard work he’ll become an outstanding defender, energy booster, and the all-time leader in whistles that don’t lead to fouls in order to break up a brawl. If you’re taking Harrell you aren’t worried about him scoring a basket because the rest is so wonderful. He’s the poor man’s Willie Cauley-Stein of this draft.

Devin Booker

Shooting Guard – University of Kentucky – Freshman

Height: 6’6” – Weight: 205 – Wingspan: 6’8.25” – Max Vertical: 34.5”

10.0 Points – 2.0 Rebounds – 1.1 Assists – 41.1 3P%

Overall Ranking #21 – Comparison: Offensive Klay Thompson

Strengths: Shooting threat from anywhere – catch-and-shoot, off the dribble, running around screeners – highly intelligent, moves really well without the basketball.

Weaknesses: Poor finisher, simply isn’t quick… at all, streaky throughout the season, not a good defender at times because of his speed

Summary: Booker is an incredible shooter, but unfortunately that’s really all he brings to the table. If he’s able to land on a team that’s desperate for shooting he’ll be golden. Otherwise he might have trouble getting minutes, regardless of how good his stroke is.

*Wouldn’t surprise me if the Charlotte Hornets traded down to get Booker along with other assets. *

Sam Dekker

Small Forward – University of Wisconsin – Junior

Height: 6’9” – Weight: 220 – Wingspan: 6’11.5” – Max Vertical: 34.5”

13.9 Points – 5.5 Rebounds – 1.2 Assists – 52.5 FG% — 33.1 3P%

Overall Ranking #22 – Comparison: Luol Deng

Strengths: Can score from anywhere in the half court, good athlete, high basketball IQ, tough defender, wants the ball during winning time, sells out for rebounds and 50/50 balls, creative finisher.

Weaknesses: Handle needs to be strengthened, body needs to be strengthened, played much better in March than he did the rest of the season – possible it was a coincidence.

Summary: NBA coaches are hoping that they’re drafting the kid they saw in March — A fearless scorer who can get buckets in a variety of ways, a kid that flourishes while he’s inside the pressure cooker. Dekker showed his top potential in March, but needs to land in a system where he is able to cut that loose each night in order to channel into his complete potential. Drafting Dekker early could risk in his tournaments hot streak only being a bluff.

Jerian Grant

Guard – University of Notre Dame – Senior

Height: 6’4” – Weight: 200 – Wingspan: 6’7.5” – Max Vertical: N/A

16.5 Points – 3.0 Rebounds – 6.7 Assists – 1.7 Steals – 2.2 Turnovers

Overall Ranking #23 – Comparison: Victor Oladipo

Strengths: Uber athleticism, quickness and speed change ability of an NFL defensive back, well sized, puts fear in is opponents when he attacks the rim because he likes to finish with strength, excellent at scoring off of the dribble, above average jump shooter, good at finding open teammates.

Weaknesses: Despite his athleticism and agility, Grant has problems on defense. Has a lot of trouble scoring against larger defenders and is awful at guarding larger players – becomes a problem when he needs to defend off of a switch.

Summary: Jerian Grant has an opportunity

Anthony Brown

Wing – University of Stanford – Senior

Height: 6’7” – Weight: 210 – Wingspan: 6’11” – Max Vertical: 34.5”

14.8 Points – 6.9 Rebounds – 2.5 Assists – 44.1 3P% — 43.1 FG%

Overall Ranking #24 – Comparison: Wesley Matthews/Trevor Ariza

Strengths: A stroke that reaches beyond the NBA three, makes the right basketball play, hard working, rebounds extremely well because of his effort, finishes well because of his length, smart.

Weaknesses: Not a great athlete, can throw up some crazy shots, had hip surgery in 2012, slow on closeouts, loose handle.

Summary: Brown is great rebounder and can cut the lights out when he shoots, holds a lot of value in the late first round as a 3-and-D style of player. Would go higher if his defense wasn’t so questionable.

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