2015 NBA Draft Big Board Top 30


Tyus Jones

Point Guard – Duke University – Freshman

Height: 6’2” – Weight: 185 – Wingspan: 6’5” – Max Vertical: 32.5”

11.8 Points – 3.5 Rebounds – 5.6 Assists – 1.5 Steals – 37.9 3P%

Overall Ranking #25 – Comparison: Tony Parker

Strengths: Amazingly good at taking care of the basketball, makes the plays the coach wants, runs the offense like a coach, great shooter from mid-range and three point land, makes great decisions, has a nice little floater, and is trustworthy.

Weaknesses: Weak frame, not very quick, lack of athleticism, struggles to finish at the rim – relies on his floater – not who you want defending NBA point guards, or shooting guards.

Summary: Jones has showed incredible intelligence for a 19-year-old basketball player. He makes the plays on offense that are needed to win games. He can create his shot, or knock down catch-and-shoot threes. Tyus is an undersized point guard that is below his peer’s athleticism level. With all of that being said, Jones finds a way to win games and he’s a big reason why. Won’t be an NBA star, but could be a big difference on a contending team’s roster.

Christian Wood

Power Forward – UNLV – Sophomore

Height: 6’11” – Weight: 215 – Wingspan: 7’3.25” – Max Vertical: N/A

15.7 Points – 10.0 Rebounds – 1.3 Assists – 49.7 FG% — 28.4 3P%

Overall Ranking #26 – Comparison: John Henson

Strengths: Finishes well around the basket, wingspan allows him to compete for almost every rebound, takes threes, but doesn’t make them at a high level (develop), shows great potential on defense because of his size and length.

Weaknesses: Turnover prone, selfish, inconsistent, incapable of using his left hand – might have two right hands.

Summary: Wood has all of the measurements that you’d want in a power forward/stretch four. However, the skill isn’t completely there…. YET! He’s an extremely raw prospect that still averaged a double-double as a 19-year-old kid.

Robert Upshaw

Center – University of Washington – Sophomore

Height: 7’0” – Weight: 260 – Wingspan: 7’5.5” – Max Vertical: N/A

10.9 Points – 8.2 Rebounds – 4.5 Blocks – 43.4 FT%

Overall Ranking #27 – Comparison: DeAndre Jordan

Strengths: Stupid size and length, looks like a created player on 2K, best shot blocker in the NCAA, good rebounder, really strong.

Weaknesses: Poor shooting, doesn’t use his strength when he should, bad passer, terrible free throw shooter, kicked off of two teams, recovering addict.

Summary: Upshaw comes with major red flags, but you can see the potential. He’s a chiseled center who has showed his ability to pin every basketball in the NCAA on the glass. He can become an awesome rebounder/defensive guy if he can stay out of trouble, develop a better work ethic, and have a bit of luck.

Delon Wright

Point Guard – University of Utah – Senior

Height: 6’6” – 180 – Wingspan: 6’7.5” – Max Vertical: 31”

14.5 Points – 4.9 Rebounds – 5.1 Assists – 2.1 Steals – 1.0 Block

Overall Ranking #28 – Comparison: Shaun Livingston

Strengths: Great at getting to the rim, can knock down the three, excellent off-ball defender, knows when to gamble and when not to, tough rebounder, plays with swagger.

Weaknesses: Needs to improve his defensive awareness, will have trouble against NBA trees, thinks he’s a star.

Summary: Wright is a good overall point guard that’ll help a contending team – similar to Tyus Jones, but doesn’t have that IQ. Wright will need to become more consistent to receive good NBA minutes.

Rashad Vaughn

Shooting Guard – UNLV – Freshman

Height: 6’5” – Weight: 200 – Wingspan: 6’7” – Max Vertical: 34”

17.8 Points – 4.8 Rebounds – 1.6 Assists – 38.3 3P%

Overall Ranking #29 – Comparison: Nick Young

Strengths: One of the best shooters in the draft, unlimited range… unlimited, playmaker, scorer’s mentality, selfish, plays with swagger, very good athlete.

Weaknesses: Falls asleep on defense too often, plays for himself, looks for HIS, might’ve came out a year early, project player, coming off of a knee injury, average defender at best.

Summary: Vaughn is a project player that could eventually become a fantastic NBA scorer. His mind is permanently set to “scoring” mode. I believe that his offense is talented enough that if he reaches his potential he’ll be a top 5 player from this draft, but the weaknesses are too big to rank him above 29.

Chris McCullough

Power Forward – University of Syracuse – Freshman

Height: 6’9” – Weight: 200 – Wingspan: 7’3.25” – Max Vertical: N/A

9.3 Points – 6.9 Rebounds – 1.1 Assists – 2.1 Blocks – 56.3 FT%

Overall Ranking #30 – Comparison: Shareef Abdur-Rahim

Strengths: Big athlete, jumps out of the gym, very quick, great shot blocker, good ball handler for his size and position.

Weaknesses: Only an average rebounder for his position, poor finisher around the basket — which is a problem because he can’t shoot free throws — turns the ball over too often, coming off of a torn ACL.

Summary: McCullough is a great athlete that is still learning how to play basketball. His flaws can be fixed, but when you’re this raw it’s tough to make it in the NBA. A contending team that maybe isn’t in need of McCullough right now could draft-and-stash him for a couple seasons down the road.


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