2015 NBA Draft Big Board Top 30


Stanley Johnson

Wing – University of Arizona – Freshman

Height: 6’7” – Weight: 240 – Wingspan: 6’11.5” – Max Vertical: N/A

13.8 Points – 6.5 Rebounds – 1.7 Assists – 1.5 Steals – 44.6 FG% — 74.2 FT%

Overall Ranking #7 – Comparison: Kawhi Leonard/Ron Artest

Strengths: An elite defender, awesome rebounder, very strong, frame smooth shooting stroke (lefty) that extends beyond the NBA three, professional scorer from a variety of angles, tough minded, stupid good down in the post, excellent in transition, great athlete, playmaker, comfortable ball handler, and showed his ability to dominate games.

Weaknesses: Shot selection is a problem, has a tough time finishing inside and often goes o his floater instead of finishing through contact, can drift away from games if he isn’t getting his, doesn’t have a great vertical (didn’t test at combine), and a lack of explosiveness.

Summary: By taking Johnson you’re getting a guy that will score at a high level in the NBA. The defense is a bonus. He’s a legit lockdown defender. However, if he isn’t in the right fit it could cause some trouble due to his extra baggage – finishing, shot selection, and drifting. The baggage is small and adjustable which makes him a great two-way player that would be an excellent pillar for any team. He’s a unique player because it remains a mystery of what position he’ll play. After watching the Finals, Johnson shouldn’t have any trouble making an NBA roster because he’s a “basketball player”. He can do it all.

Emmanuel Mudiay

Guard – Guangdong – Age: 19

Height: 6’5” – Weight: 200 – Wingspan: 6’8.5” – Max Vertical: N/A

18.0 Points – 6.3 Rebounds – 5.9 Assists – 1.6 Steals – 3.3 Turnovers – 47.8 FG%

Overall Ranking #8 – Comparison: Jrue Holiday

Strengths: Very strong, relentless motor, insanely aggressive, good at attacking the rim, great rebounder, unselfish, NBA ready ball handler, quicker than most, a fantastic creator, played an NBA style season in China, familiar with the grind of only playing basketball.

Weaknesses: Not a strong shooter, needs to learn how to play consistent defense, turns the ball over too often because he tries to force passes, bad shooting mechanics, and only shoots 57% from the free throw line.

Summary: Mudiay is excellent at penetrating and getting to the rim, especially in transition. But without a better three point shot and free throw percentage it’ll be difficult to do so in the NBA. He is a special creator and will need to land in the right situation, especially if he doesn’t fix his shooting. The defense has great potential because of his size and strength, but he’ll need to buy in to tap into his full potential.

Kristaps Porzingis

Stretch Four/Power Forward – Sevilla – Age: 19

Heighht: 7’0” – Weight: 220 – Wingspan: N/A – Max Vertical: N/A

11.0 Points – 4.6 Rebounds – 1.0 Blocks – 49.6 FG% — 35.9 3P% — 21.4 Minutes

Overall Ranking #9 – Comparison: Poor Dirk Nowitzki

Strengths: Knockdown shooter, unguardable jump shot, excellent finisher with either hand, fundamentally sound, textbook footwork, within shooting range as soon as he enters the gym, and a decent rim protector on defense.

Weaknesses: Skinny frame (but this is what makes him unique), not a great perimeter defender, not a great passer, needs to get his handle on a string, weak and gets bullied by other bigs.

Summary: Porzingis presents a matchup nightmare for opposing teams due to his unique scoring ability and size. However, if he doesn’t become a smarter player with a better “feel” for the game, his weaknesses will show and not become more than a role player/shooter off the bench. Has an opportunity to become a fabulous NBA scorer/heat check mastermind. Porzingis has potential to become a good two-way player because of his measurements, probably a stash-and-cash star.

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