2015 NBA Draft Big Board Top 30


Myles Turner

Center – University of Texas – Freshman

Height: 7’0” – Weight: 240 – Wingspan: 7’4” – Max Vertical: N/A

10.1 Points – 6.5 Rebounds – 2.6 Blocks – 83.9 FT%

Overall Ranking #10 – Comparison: LaMarcus Aldridge

Strengths: Perfect size, length, and frame. Excellent defender and shot blocker. Showed potential with excellent post moves from the low block and mid-range. Allstate rebounding, you’re in good hands. Turner is possibly the best rebounder in his class.

Weaknesses: Needs to become a better athlete. Isn’t as strong as you’d hope with his frame, but can be sculpted. Has good shooting form, but isn’t a jump shooter. Needs to learn how to share the rock a little better — has some Brandon Bass in him.

Summary: If Turner taps into his full potential he can become a top 5-7 player of this class. He wasn’t in a great situation at Texas, but needs to be taken by the right NBA team. He is flying under the radar and has an opportunity to surprise some people.

Frank Kaminsky

Power Forward/Stretch Four – University of Wisconsin – Senior

Height: 7’1” – Weight: 230 – Wingspan: 6’11” – Max Vertical: N/A

18.8 Points – 8.2 Rebounds – 2.6 Assists – 1.5 Blocks – 41.6 3P%

Overall Ranking #11 – Comparison: Kelly Olynyk

Strengths: Very versatile big man, NCAA Hall of Fame footwork, skilled passer, knockdown three point shooter, Houdini finisher at the rim, runs the floor well, confident, big personality, and loves “winning time”.

Weaknesses: Not a terrific rim protector for is size, could be more athletic, needs to become stronger, small wingspan, and a low ceiling.

Summary: Kaminsky already is what he can become – a very skilled big man who won’t improve a ton because he’s a senior that can already see his potential. However, his offensive game could be extremely valuable to the right team. His personality and intelligence will make him valuable to most teams.

Cameron Payne

Point Guard – Murray State University – Sophomore

Height: 6’2” – Weight: 185 – Wingspan: 6’7.25” – Max Vertical: 35.5”

20.2 Points – 3.7 Rebounds – 6.0 Assists – 1.9 Steals – 37.7 3P%

Overall Ranking #12 – Comparison: Devin Harris

Strengths: Threat to score from anywhere, handles that you’ll see on social media in a combination of different Vines, runs the pick-and-roll like he invented it, good rebounder for his position, excellent vision, and a very smart basketball player. Murray could be a triple-double machine down the line of is NBA career.

Weaknesses: Great athlete, but could be faster – his top gear isn’t great. Avoids contact when driving and will throw up wild shots that either ignite the crowd or result in no-calls. Like most college players, doesn’t always play defense.

Summary: Murray is the type of player you watch and are like, “Is this guy THAT good??” Yes, yes he is. He is a phenomenal athlete with an advanced scoring package. He’s going to light up the NBA. Only reason he is my #12 is it’s extremely rare to have a draft this deep with talented big men.

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