2015 NBA Mock Draft


Pick #25 – Memphis Grizzlies

Robert Upshaw – Big – Washington

Reason: The Grizzlies need a big regardless of resigning Gasol or not. Upshaw has a troubled history, but after blocking over four shots per game last season his risk might be worth the reward. If I were Memphis I’d gamble.

Pick #26 – San Antonio Spurs

Justin Anderson – Wing – Virginia

Reason: Anderson brings a tough defensive mind that Popovich would love with Leonard. He’s a perfect fit as a three-and-D guy off their bench until further development. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him as a starter if Danny Green is on his way out.

Pick #27 – Los Angeles Lakers

Christian Wood – Big – UNLV

Reason: A potential super talent if it wasn’t for the red flags. Los Angeles isn’t a patient franchise and wants to do everything they can to get Kobe back in the playoffs. 27th pick in the first round, you can gamble with that pick. Woods shows a lot of potential at the end of the first round.

Pick #28 – Boston Celtics

Sam Dekker – Wing – Wisconsin

Reason: The slide finally stops for Dekker. Why does he fall so far? He falls because he really worries me that he just had a very strong March compared to the rest of his collegiate career. However, he showed that he, at times, was an NCAA superstar. And for that, Danny Ainge LOVES him. However, I still think Boston is trading both picks to move up in the draft.

Pick #29 – Brooklyn Nets
Chris McCulough – Big – Syracuse

Reason: Brooklyn won’t have good first round picks for years to come after giving them away to Boston, so why not take a shot? McCulough was having a great freshman season before he tore his ACL. He’s raw and needs some work, but still a top prospect if he doesn’t get injured.

Pick #30 – Golden State Warriors

Cliff Alexander – Big – Kansas

Reason: Alexander was a projected lottery pick to start his freshman season. However, a year full of injuries and an NCAA suspension (eligibility) threw that idea in the toilet. Coming off a title run, Golden State can risk their 30th pick on a very talented big man who had an awful freshman season. The rich get richer.


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