2015 NBA Mock Draft


Pick #7 – Denver Nuggets

Kristaps Porzingis – Big – Latvia

Reason: Porzingis is the second best international player in the draft after Hezonja. He’s an electrifying stretch-four that provides Denver with the outside shooting and scoring that they need. He’d provide some valuable minutes for Denver’s big man rotation as well. Porzingis is a potential leading scorer for this team for years to come.

Pick #8 – Detroit Pistons

Stanley Johnson – Wing – Arizona

Reason: No longer a need for a big man who can space the floor (Ersan Ilyasova), Stanley Johnson makes a lot of sense. You could argue that Kaminsky is a good pick here too, but I believe that Johnson’s versatility and slashing ability are too valuable for Detroit to pass on. They need to bring in something explosive that’s ready to set this team on fire.

Pick #9 – Charlotte Hornets

R.J. Hunter – Guard – Georgia State

Reason: Easily the biggest surprise of the top ten. My reasoning is that Charlotte DESPERATELY needs a wing that can shoot the ball well from outside. I’m 95% sure that they’ll trade down in the draft to select Hunter, Booker, or Oubre, but for the sake of the mock I decided they’d take Hunter now. He’s an elite offensive player not only for his ability to shoot the ball, but create for others.

Pick #10 – Miami Heat

Emmanuel Mudiay – Guard – Dr Congo

Reason: Mudiay slides down the board on draft night into Miami’s lap. After years upon years of watching Mario Chalmers do Mario Chalmers things, they drafted Napier last season in a pathetic effort to lure LeBron into staying in South Beach. They finally get the point guard they need to facilitate their offense. Call it luck, or call it karma.

Pick #11 – Indiana Pacers

Myles Turner – Big – Texas

Reason: Roy Hibbert is a free agent and it’s likely time to part ways with the seven-footer who runs with razorblades in his shoes. Myles Turner offers rim protection, rebounding, and the ability to stretch the floor in a way that Hibbert never could. The freshman is young and full of potential.

Pick #12 – Utah Jazz

Frank Kaminsky – Big – Wisconsin

Reason: Gives Utah the stretch-shooting big man that they need. Frank basically becomes a replacement for Kanter’s departure last season. His ability to shoot the basketball, as well as score in a variety of ways, will improve Utah’s offense immensely.

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