2015 NBA Mock Draft


Pick #13 – Phoenix Suns

Trey Lyles – Big – Kentucky

Reason: By adding Lyles, the Phoenix Suns would really be boosting their frontcourt. He’d add the proper size and length that they need in their rotation to jockey for that seventh and eight seed in the Western Conference. He has a really unique offensive skill for a big because he’s able to create plays off of the bounce. Going with some outside shooting here wouldn’t be a bad choice either (Oubre/Booker).

Pick #14 – Oklahoma City Thunder

Cameron Payne – Guard – Murray State

Reason: Adding Payne allows the Thunder to start two great scoring guards alongside KD, or bring a legit scoring threat off of their bench. Payne allows for some very creative lineups as well. If Payne reaches his potential, this season was totally worth it for Oklahoma City.

Pick #15 – Atlanta Hawks

Kelly Oubre – Wing – Kansas

Reason: Oubre is going to explode once he gets to the NBA, or won’t be able to live up to the hype that he created in high school. He’s very athletic for his position, can shoot the ball with anybody in this class, and shows defensive potential. He’s perfect for how the Atlanta Hawks play.

Pick #16 – Boston Celtics

Bobby Portis – Big – Arkansas

Reason: Portis brings the much needed big man that Boston needs. The clock is ticking on Olynyk and Sullinger. Portis can make a difference as a stretch-four that models his game after Kevin Garnett. He’s the high-motor big that Boston has been searching for since KG’s departure.

Pick #17 – Milwaukee Bucks

Devin Booker – Guard – Kentucky

Reason: This one is easy. The Bucks will take the best remaining shooter in the draft because they were the worse 3-point percentage team in the league last season, Devin Booker.

Pick #18 – Houston Rockets

Tyus Jones – Guard – Duke

Reason: If the Rockets lose Patrick Beverley they’ll be able to replace him with Tyus Jones. If the Rockets keep Beverley, Jones will be able to come in and be a very reliable backup. This is a win-win for Houston.

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