2015 NBA Trade Deadline Review



Besides the riveting do or die playoff games, I believe the trade deadline is the most exciting part of the NBA season. It should be its own half-holiday; basketball fans shouldn’t have to work during the late morning/early afternoon of “Deadline Day” because we are too distracted from the rumors that captivate our brains.

Everybody who has a favorite team wants their team to be great, no question. Not only do fans hope that their team will make a trade to put them into championship contention (or a more solid future), but they believe they won’t be let down. Deadline Day is filled with constant reloading of Twitter feeds, watching ESPN, surfing the Internet, and/or even staying adjacent to the radio all day. Any sort of news source on Deadline Day is used to keep up to speed until after that final buzzer (not an actual buzzer).

Deadline Day gives NBA fans an opportunity to think that they’re NBA General Managers for the day. You get to hear “I think they should do this…” or “I wish they’d trade _________ for _________” from your favorite hoop junkies.

DD was more chaotic this year than in the past. Throughout the day only a few trades were made. Eventually trade rumors and talk started to speculate more frequently until a short time before the deadline arrived; that’s when they exploded! The Twitter-verse had no idea what was going on because there were so many trades made during a short period of time.

Now, hours after the deadline, everything has calmed down. Now it is time for me to catch you up on the trades that took place today, along with my opinions (of course) of each deal.

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