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Home Is Where Your Heart Is

After 4 successful seasons in Miami, the King has decided to return to his home… in Cleveland.

The hometown kid left his beloved Akron home for warmer weather, sunny days, starry nights, but most importantly, a couple of championship rings. Four years ago when LeBron made “The Decision” most of Ohio was filled with anger and frustration from their former hero leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. But not all fans burned their #23 jerseys and cursed James out when he was a visitor at Quicken Loans Arena for the first time. In fact, the fans from LeBron’s Akron community supported his decision. A true Cavalier fan was able to see how hard James recruited other players to play in Cleveland to help him win a championship. However, nobody wanted to play in CLEVELAND, just ask Joakim Noah.

The writing was on the wall this postseason; the Miami Heat were about to breakup. LeBron will always have love for his ex-team down in South Beach. But just like real life, he wanted to return to his first love to make things work out. James told the media that he had unfinished business, but he understands that the process will take a lot longer than it did in Miami. Much like the people of Akron, James is ready to work… HARD!

I actually believe LeBron’s letter and that he wanted to return home. LeBron is the best player on the planet and is a proven winner and champion; why not return to Cleveland to win a title for the people that helped raise you?

Coming home not only shifts the Eastern Conference in a different direction, but it becomes a whole new game for LeBron James. He now has many challenges, stipulations, and goals that he looks to fill.

Behind all of the “Welcome Home LeBron” signs, The Letters (Gilbert’s and LeBron’s), and the smiles on Cavalier fan’s faces there are a large amount of questions that have yet to be answered. Let me try my best to answer as many as I can think of. Click the page numbers to view each question I have about LeBron James going home.

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