9 Lingering Questions From Draft Night


Has Philadelphia come out winners or losers the last two drafts?

Only one year ago Philadelphia traded away their point guard Jrue Holiday to New Orleans for the rights of Nerlens Noel and a future 2014 1st rounder (turned out to be the #3 overall pick). So far Nerlens Noel has played in 0 NBA games after hoping he could turn around the franchise. Philadelphia traded away their All-Star point guard in Holiday (18/8/4); and replaced him with their 2013 11th overall pick, Michael Carter-Williams, who went on to win the 2013-14 Rookie of the Year (17/6/6). Holiday for Carter-Williams is virtually a wash, but what did Philly do in this year’s draft?

With their third overall pick general manager Sam Hinkie went with Joel Embiid. Before Embiid’s foot surgery he was undoubtedly the #1 prospect in this year’s draft. Jo Jo often draws comparisons to “The Dream”, but recently has drawn comparisons to Sam Bowie and Greg Oden because of his injury concerns. During the home stretch of the season Embiid had to miss the NCAA Tournament because of a low back injury. Just days before the NBA draft, Embiid had surgery to repair a stress fracture in his foot. It is the same injury that centers Yao Ming and Bill Walton suffered from during their NBA careers. Walton broke the same navicular bone in 1978 and missed the entire next season as well. Over the next 6 years of his career he would play in just 169 games. Only time will tell with Embiid. The combination of the stress fracture in his lower back along with the stress fracture in his foot will keep this Jayhawk monster sidelined for the next four-to-six months. Noel sat out the entire season with a considerably less career threatening injury, likely the case for Joel as well. The Sixers literally wasted an entire season in order to get the number one overall pick. Well they didn’t get the number one overall pick, but they got the third pick in the draft and it goes to waste by taking ANOTHER injury prone big man! Why not just make a safe pick like Aaron Gordon, Julius Randle, or Marcus Smart?

Oh yeah, that New Orleans Pelicans pick turned into a number 10 overall. With Doug McDermott, Zach LaVine, Gary Harris, and TJ Warren (SOMEBODY to play on the wing in Philadelphia) still on the board along with Adreian Payne as a stretch 4 (because they’ve already goofed on Noel and now possibly Embiid), they take Elfrid Payton… ANOTHER POINT GUARD! Then Philadelphia trades Payton to Orlando for Dario Saric (3rd big guy in last 2 drafts), from Europe and a future 2nd round draft pick. Just days prior to the draft, Dario Saric signed a deal with Turkish team Anadolu Efes and likely won’t come to the NBA until 2016 at the earliest.
FACT: Philadelphia had TWO picks inside of the top 10 and neither of their selections will be playing for them next season.

Answer: Losers, I have nothing else to say to Philadelphia. I won’t even ask how Andrew Bynum is doing.

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