9 Lingering Questions From Draft Night

2014 NBA Draft
Was the NBA drafting Isaiah Austin the classiest moment in draft history?

Isaiah Austin was considered a first-round prospect for the 2014 NBA draft, and had to give up his dream to play professional basketball when he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome just days prior to the draft.

In between picks number 15 and 16, the NBA drafted Isaiah Austin as if they were the 31st franchise in the league. Austin celebrated and cherished the moment with loved ones as he put his NBA hat on his head and walked up to the stage. Brave Isaiah shook Commissioner Adam Silver’s hand and looked out at the crowd full of cheers, smiles, and tears. The decision to do this wasn’t so that the NBA could win the hearts over of many, but to give Austin the surreal feeling that “he made it” and that his hard work had paid off. Every young basketball player dreams of the day he gets to hear his name called and officially join the NBA family, but only a handful of special people get to. The best part of this story was that Isaiah, his family, friends, and former basketball coaches had no idea this was coming. After the standing ovation, Austin gave an interview that will be remembered forever when you think back on the 2014 NBA draft.

Austin remains positive about his future plans to spread awareness about Marfan syndrome with his “Dream Again” campaign and it looks as though he will be on the Baylor coaching squad this upcoming season.

Answer: Yes, without any hesitation.

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    February 14, 2016 at 12:34 am

    God does give us weaknesses so we can be hmbule and ask him for help after we tried to gain streghnth on our own. He want’s us to try and not sit back and wait for the blessing to happen. Nice blog topic. I myself need to ask for help more and soften my heart and stop being stubborn thinking I can accomplish something by myself with out any help.

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