9 Lingering Questions From Draft Night


Can Louis Labeyrie, a 57th overall pick push Indiana over the mountain?

After back-to-back Eastern Conference Finals appearances the Indiana Pacers are stuck and can’t seem to have enough to push them over the top. After a $44 million offer, Stephenson and the Pacers have come to a stalemate and Stephenson will continue to speak with other interested teams. Stephenson has consistently been the only other straw than Paul George’s that has been able to stir the Indiana Pacers. After the downfall of Hibbert, the Pacers need to pull their core together before they completely collapse.

Since Wednesday the Pacers have made two additions to their bench (seems like adding to their bench becomes an annual tradition). The Pacers have given multiyear deals to veteran C.J. Miles and sharp shooting international player Damjan Rudez, league sources told The Indianapolis Star. With other shooting guards in the league such as Avery Bradley signing a 4 year $32 million deal and Jodie Meeks signing a 3 year $19-20 million deal with Detroit it isn’t likely Stephenson will be happy with $44 million. So at least Indiana has finally made an attempt to improve their bench without trading away a Sixth Man of the Year candidate (Gerald Green), a Most Improved Player of the Year candidate (Miles Plumlee), and Indiana’s first round pick for a backup power forward (Luis Scola).

Indiana drafting Louis Labeyrie with the 57th pick is a long shot, but what isn’t when your only pick in the draft is 57th overall? Good news for Indiana is that 57 is delicious steak sauce and Manu Ginobili was also taken with the 57th pick. Bad news for the Pacers is among the previous 53 players selected with the 57th pick, 37 never played a game in the NBA (www.basketball-reference.com). The most notable players drafted 57th overall are Ginobili, and Marcin Gortat.

Answer: It is doubtful that Louis Laveyrie a power forward/center out of France will be either of these players, but it gives him and Indiana fans hope.

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