9 Lingering Questions From Draft Night

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Is Dougie McBuckets a backup plan for Carmelo Anthony?

After 6 years of fantastic highlights, an MVP season, and two knee injuries; Rose looks to bounce back. The Chicago Bulls plan to sign Carmelo Anthony this off season. Anthony has already met with the Bulls, Rockets, Mavericks, and the Lakers are next. Most of the nation believes Anthony will end up in Chicago to do what he does best, score the basketball. There is obviously the chance that Anthony decides to play for another offering team (don’t rule out the Knicks resigning for a max contract), but if he doesn’t come to Chi-Town what is the plan?

During the draft the Chicago Bulls surprisingly dealt away their two draft picks (16 & 19) along with a 2015 second-round pick for the rights to McDermott. McBuckets lead all NCAA players in points per game (26.7) as he became the 5th all-time leader in career points (3150). Along with Doug’s ability to shoot the basketball he is a crafty scorer that has the ability to post up as well. Coach Tom Thibodeau believes McDermott can be a strong defender as well.

Answer: There is no question that McBuckets will be able to score and rebound the basketball at the NBA level. Trading up to get a Carmelo Anthony replacement was a great, safe pick.

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