A King Without A Castle


WOW, what a way to start out the day! The first thing I saw on Twitter this morning was that LeBron James had decided to opt out of his current contract with the Miami Heat in order to become an unrestricted free agent. Before I began working on this article I had to of course text my brother (to let him know the big news), tweet a couple shots at my friends who are Heat fans, and catch some of the news on SportsCenter.
First off, for anybody who is confused what “opting out” actually means – opting out of a contact doesn’t mean that he would like to leave the city of Miami, but shows that he would have interest in another team if the situation would give him the best probability of winning a championship. It is very likely that LeBron could just resign with “The Heatles” (sweet nickname by the way, especially the t-shirts) rather than abandoning Riley and the Heat organization. However, NBA free agency does not officially begin until July 1st and teams are instructed that they cannot begin negotiations with free agents until that date. It is safe to say that James will have plenty of teams interested in negotiating him.

FUN FACT: James could join Shaquille O’Neal as the only players in NBA history to lead their teams in total points scored in the NBA Finals and then play for a different team to start the following season. Shaq was traded to the (coincidentally) Miami Heat after his Lakers lost to the Detroit Pistons in 2003-04. However, Shaq went on to win a championship with Miami two years later. Could LeBron repeat history?

James can do a couple different things for himself as an individual player, and/or for the Miami Heat Organization. By opting out, James is showing the Miami staff that the ball is in their court (lame pun) and that if they don’t make a move he is going to be gone. The HEAT have two options in my eyes,

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