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The NBA off-season can sometimes make you miss the game so much that you start doing things you wouldn’t usually be doing when you’re watching basketball. Such things for me would include exercise, watch baseball and in this case come up with an almost brand new NBA. I started pondering the idea of expanding the playoffs and then my mind opened up and I got deep into not only playoff expansion but also a league expansion and division realignment. The ideas in this article are about as far from happening as the Spurs are from having a losing season, so don’t take it too serious and just have fun.

The first part to all of this and probably the most unrealistic is the expansion of the league by adding not one, but two new expansion teams to the NBA. On top of Adam Silver’s comments that didn’t sound optimistic about expansion, the other owners in the NBA probably wouldn’t want two new teams and we would need only a couple hundred millions of dollars to make it happen. With that said, let’s pretend there has been an approval for two new NBA franchises to join the league effective immediately, so now I reintroduce you to the Seattle Supersonics and the other team, the Louisville Cardinals, not to be confused with the college basketball team or the college football team. Louisville would be a good market with all the college sports and it gives us a team for the Eastern Conference. Other expansions that could be replaced with Louisville could be Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Cincinnati, Ohio.

So now we got two new teams and they need their divisions. We’ll be doing a full division realignment since some of the divisions of today are not really perfect, for example, Oklahoma City is currently in the Northwest division even though they are closer to the south than anything but that is what we will address. In today’s NBA there are six divisions with five teams in each to make thirty teams, with this realignment there will now be eight divisions with four teams in each, so let’s get into it. We’ll start in the East.

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