Changing Up the NBA

So now we’ve got our thirty two teams, the regular season has come and gone, the Warriors won 80 games, and it’s time for the playoffs. The new format for the playoffs goes a little something like this, the first thing is that there are going to be five rounds in the playoffs, four rounds to determine the conference winners and then the Finals to determine the NBA Champions. The top 4 teams in each conference earn a first round bye, extra rest for winning more games than anyone else in the conference, not to be confused this will always be the top 4 teams, not the division winners. So you can have two teams from the same division earning a first round bye. That leaves us with the 5-12 seeds, which battle it out in the first round, which will be a best of 5 series, not best of 7. The 5 seed faces the 12, the 6 seed faces the 11, the 7 seed faces the 10 and the 8 seed goes up against the 9. The playoffs after that play out as they normally would and we crown a champion in the end.

I guess this is what happens during the NBA offseason when you start to get really bored, good thing NBA training camps and the preseason have started. Before we know it the season will start and we will have NBA basketball back and we won’t have to read articles like this one unless we choose to.

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