Game 3 Madison Square Garden – Bucks at Knicks 11/6/15


Game #3 at Madison Square Garden exceeded my expectations at the “most famous arena in the world”

Getting There – Drove from Hartford down to Jersey City after work and parked at my cousin Adan’s house there. Walked down a steep staircase to Hoboken and then over to the area where the PATH train to the city is. Had some NY style pizza before getting on the easy train ride to 33rd street in Manhattan. While I grew up in NJ and have been to NYC many times, the grandeur of Manhattan can never be diminished. Walked through a sea of people from the train station, past the giant Macy’s and arrived at Madison Square Garden well before game start.


The Seats – Section 102 Row 9 Seats 13, 14, $180.50 total on Stubhub. Baseline lower seats, which is becoming my affordable seating location of choice. It’s notable how I got into probably 7 baseball games for the price of this one Knicks game.

Interesting Stubhub story – I had initially purchased tickets on Tuesday morning, with a disclaimer that they wouldn’t be available to print until Thursday. When they still weren’t available by Friday morning, I begrudgingly called Stubhub, and the guy was actually helpful. He referred to their “Fan Protect Guarantee” and said that since my tickets weren’t yet available, I was entitled to equivalent or better seats, and the guy quickly found 2 and emailed them to me that were a couple rows up from where I had initially purchased.


The Game – Rooting hard tonight for the Bucks and my main man Chris Copeland. After being a fan favorite 12th man on the Pacers the last few years, Copeland was signed by Milwaukee this year after missing the last part of the season following the unfortunate NYC club incident that somehow derailed the Hawks’ season. Optimus Cope liked my Instagram photo of him from the Bucks game last week, so he’s now officially my favorite player.

The actual game was close and exciting throughout. The Bucks basically led wire to wire, but it was almost always within 10. Most exciting was midway through the game when Kristaps Porzingis took over for a few minutes and had some monster rebounds and dunks. For the Bucks, look out for the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo, he doesn’t mess around either and once he gets some defensive discipline will be a superstar.

Bucks 99 – Knicks 92


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