NBA Draft: Winners and Losers


As another NBA Draft has come and gone, I selected my winners and losers from last Thursday night. If you disagree with something you see, it’s probably because you aren’t an NBA Draft expert like I consider myself. I’m very, very good at predicting the future and fate of a few dozen 19-year-old kids that we have yet to see contribute a sole minute to the league.

(If you’re mad after reading that, do so again with heavy sarcasm in your tone.)

Minnesota Timberwolves — Winners

So, it’s became evident that Tom Thibodeau has been trying to extract his man Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls from the moment he stepped in office for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The draft accomplished what would become the largest storyline of the night within 30 minutes of the evening starting. Jimmy Butler to Minnesota was the trade heist that Minnesota needed to catapult the Timberwolves into the playoffs for what will be first time in 13 seasons (pending anything catastrophic).

For those who have even flirted with the concept of this being an equal trade, let me break down how mind-boggling dumb this was for the Chicago Bulls:

They flipped the 16th pick and a perennial All-NBA, perennial All-Star, perennial All-Defense, top 10-15 talent on a GREAT contract for the seventh overall pick, Zach LaVine (coming off of a torn ACL), and Kris Dunn.

The City of Chicago — Losers

Chicago’s management didn’t need to trade Butler, as the Bulls found their stride late in the season and carried that into the playoffs. Pending an impactful free agent signing, the Bulls could be seen as a top four-five playoff team in the Eastern Conference.

To make the trade is one thing, but to include the 16th overall selection demonstrated a level of incompetence within the Bulls’ front office that is unfathomable.

And finally, after watching this complete clown show of a trade take place, Chicago fans watched the seventh pick be used to select Lauri Markkanen. Lauri. Markkanen. Finnish Nikola Mirotic.

If you’re deciding to trade Jimmy Buckets, you’re clearly hitting the eject button from whatever disorganized situation you’re currently in, fine. Go ahead. But all I’m going to say is, TAKE THE PLAYER WITH THE MOST UPSIDE IF YOU’RE STARTING A REBUILD AND ONLY GOT ONE PICK FOR YOUR AWESOME TWO-WAY SUPERSTAR THAT YOU JUST TRADED AWAY. Malik Monk and Dennis Smith Jr. were still on the board!!!!

In the last two months, Chicago fans have seen the Bears mortgage their entire future for Mitch Trubisky, and Jimmy Butler be traded for a two-time dunk champion and spare change.

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