NBA Draft: Winners and Losers


ESPN Interviews — Losers

Only moments after the Indiana Pacers selected TJ Leaf, he was being interviewed on national television about what type of teammate Lonzo Ball was, and what it was like playing with him.

Seriously? The biggest night of a young man’s life and they can’t find a question centered around HIS talent, or HIS future in the NBA? I just thought it was ridiculous and wildly inappropriate to ask Leaf during that situation. 

Magic Johnson — Winner

Since Magic has taken over the Lakers, he has gotten Paul George to all but sign in Laker Land, convinced the nation LeBron is “seriously” considering going West once he can opt out of his contract, traded away the worst contract in the NBA, and made a big-splash draft selection in Lonzo Ball.

Twitter — Loser

Yup, Twitter has ruined the NBA Draft. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to enjoy the draft and scrolling through Twitter searching for analysis or a potential trade brewing up, and the next four picks being destroyed via Woj bomb. 

John Calipari — Winner

At this point isn’t it just in his contract that he gets a 5-minute public recruitment spiel during the draft? How can you be a top-tier high school player, hear what Calipari can do for you, and not sign with the Big Blue? Guy is a marketing genius. 

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