NBA Draft: Winners and Losers


Celtics Fan’s Hopes and Dreams — Losers

I’m kind of kidding here because I thought the Celtics had a good draft, but after a solid few days of George and Porzingis mega-trade rumors swirling around in the brains of the Boston fans, they were ultimately awarded the third or fourth best player in the draft after previously holding the one spot. 

At this point Boston fans are just expecting the optimism to be fizzled out by Danny Ainge. But there’s also plenty of evidence and legitimate reason to relax and believe he’s going to eventually make the right move when it shows. 

Celtics Draft Moves — Winner

Danny Ainge claims that Jason Tatum was his guy all along, and that he would have selected him with the first overall pick. If that’s true, the Celtics picked up, yet another, extremely valuable asset in the Lakers 2018 1st round pick. 

Tatum is a go-to scorer that will be groomed by the Celtic mystique for years to come. Tatum is the most polished, NBA ready prospect in the draft. But the good thing for Celtic fans is that Tatum still holds a considerable amount of upside for a player who already owns his current skill package.

Combining Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum and whichever player(s) they select in the 2018 lottery will be a fantastic group of core players moving forward for Boston if they choose to have a slow rebuild. 

The Celtics secured their title as draft day winners when they came up with Semi Ojeleye from SMU, who could become the steal of the draft. Ojeleye is another NBA ready prospect with a freaky build that somehow fell to the Celtics with the 37th pick.

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