NBA Game 5 TD Garden – Mavericks at Celtics 11/18/15

Aesthetic – The Garden prominently rises on the north end of Boston and conveniently sits on top of a train station. Already 20 years old, the concourses and Pro shop must have been renovated very recently, as they were sparkling nice. As I mentioned, the seating area where I was is in dire need of a refresh, I could see the blood sweat and tears of two decades of Bruins & Celtics fans in the grotesque yellow fabric seats that probably weren’t even nice when this place was new in ’96.


Scoreboard – Very similar to the scoreboards in Milwaukee and NY, we have an upgraded cube type scoreboard with HD screens. After the horrible Philly experience, it was nice to have player names back on the board so I could more easily follow what was happening.


Player Intros/PA Announcer/Stadium Effects –  
Probably the least noticeable of the arenas so far but it was still cool.


Mascot/Commercial Break games – It did not appear that the Celtics had an actual mascot, and they had the typical commercial break games but there seemed to be a little bit less of it here than at the other games. But also this was the first weeknight game of the trip and I imagine they might have more of that on weekends when there’s more kids. Speaking of, the halftime show consisted of a pickup game between two squads of middle school age pasty white Boston looking boys.

Team Store/Team Socks – The nicest part of TD Garden was the Pro Shop. Looking brand new, it was big, bright, and beautiful. I picked up these Stance Celtics socks for $18 (note the disgusting chairs).


Upcoming Schedule – Next up, flying to Texas for Houston 11/21.

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