How NBA sites looked in the 90’s



Ever wondered what your favorite teams websites looked like back in the 90’s? Well, thanks to JonathonTaylorThomasFan we can see! All images were taken from !

1996… Wow, almost 20 years ago huh? Seattle had a pro basketball team, Jordan was in Chicago, Canada had two teams (Vancouver & Toronto), Pat Riley left the Knicks to go to Miami, Celtics first time playing in TD Garden, Magic Johnson came out of Retirement (Only played 32 games).. Refs were in a lockout and didn’t ref a game until December (Yup.. Just like the NFL had a lockout with the refs not to long ago.)

Pacific Divison:

Los Angeles Lakers 

Kobe became the youngest player to EVER appear in an NBA game (18 years, 4 months old)




Notice nothings changed?…. 8-16 record



“Danny Ainge will try to turn around the suns fortunes” Sounds familiar …..


Who knew you could send fan mail to a mascot?


Golden State Warriors

Latrell Sprewell…. Remember when he rejected a 3-year $21 million dollar contract because he said he it wasn’t enough to feed his family… Oh and yeah, he was the dude that choked PJ Carlesimo (Head coach at that time) during practice


 Los Angeles Clippers

They were pretty much irrelevant during this time period…


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