NBA to Soccer Redesigned Logos



It’s the world cup and what sport is the most popular right now? You guessed right, Soccer! The most popular sport in the World is soccer or should I say Futbol! Logos get redesigned to go with the NBA! This years NBA All-Star game reached 215 countries & territories and 47 languages, whether they were watching on their TVs, Laptops, Tablets, or even Phones, maybe one day Basketball will reach the popularity of Soccer?


Not to long ago Kobe came out and said Soccer was his favorite sport and he was spotted at a couple of World Cup games a few days ago!

30 logos mixed with the NBA! Each page will feature one division. Click the page numbers to navigate through

Milan went through the NBA and decided to remix them with other soccer teams

Thanks to Milan Vučković for designing all of these! To check out Milans work

interested in his NBA to Soccer designs? Check out all of his other designs!


Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division 

New York Knicks


With the way the Knicks played last year maybe they should be a FC… because BC wasn’t working out for them.

Toronto Raptors


Toronto being protected by a shield, if only this shield helped in this years playoffs

Brooklyn Nets



Nets & Juventus remixed, Juventus a soccer team and both teams are retirement homes

Boston Celtics



Shaped like a shield, maybe Kris Humphries would have used it when Rondo attacked him

Philadelphia 76ers



A plain and boring logo to sum up their season, Stoke City & Sixers remixed

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