NBA Trade Deadline Recap and Thoughts

Courtney Lee to Charlotte in a Three Team Trade

Hornets get: Courtney Lee, cash considerations (memphis)

Heat get: Brian Roberts

Grizzlies get: P.J. Hairston, Chris Andersen, and four second round picks (2017, 2018, 2019, 2019)

After losing Marc Gasol for the season, it looks as if the Grizzlies are going to mail in the rest of the season. For starters they’ve traded Courtney Lee and Jeff Green. Courtney Lee is a terrific three point shooter and solid defender along the perimeter. They’ve simply traded away a piece of their starting unit to receive multiple second round picks and give the Hornets a chance to make a playoff push by receiving the three point shooting that they needed so badly.

As for Miami, they not only toss Andersen’s $5 million contract out the window, but receive a veteran guard to add to their bench.

Channing Frye to Cleveland in a Three Team Trade

Cleveland gets: Channing Frye, future second round pick (Portland)

Orlando gets: Jared Cunningham, second round pick (2020 Cleveland)

Portland gets: Anderson Varejao, future first round pick (Cleveland)

Cleveland takes home the biggest name in the trade by giving up multiple future picks and a veteran staple of their franchise. I think Channing Frye will certainly help them. How couldn’t a 6’11” stretch four help space the floor for the rest of the offense? I mean, if only they had a stretch four that could help them by knocking down the three pointer! Now that they finally have that player, what do they do with Kevin Love? Obviously they have that guy in Kevin Love, but adding Frye certainly makes it interesting, especially if Love remains injured. Frye can shoot it as well as Love and is on a much, much smaller contract. It’s possible that Frye only plays as K-Love insurance, but it will certainly make for a lot of Love trade rumors this summer.

Orlando again unloads a player from their frontcourt and will free up more minutes for Aaron Gordon. By the way, Aaron Gordon was a good player the last few weeks before the dunk contest. If you’re just figuring out who Aaron Gordon is, it’s because you don’t watch Magic games or pay too much attention to the box score. Gordon has a chance to be a gooooooood player in this league.

Portland was really smart to get in on this trade because they give up a second round pick to receive a future first round pick and a super-veteran of the league.

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