NBA Trade Deadline Recap and Thoughts

Donatas Motiejunas to Detroit

Pistons get: Donatas Motiejunas, Marcus Thornton

Rockets get: Joel Anthony, 2016 first round pick

Detroit certainly upgrades one of their big men — considering I didn’t even know Joel Anthony was still in the NBA (???). Seriously, this dude is only 33-years-old, but as averaged 7.7 minutes per game and 1.3 points since 2012. Since 2012! Marcus Thornton is a really good, sneaky pick up in my opinion. There are games where Thornton gets hot off the bench and takes over stretches. When he’s on the court he just does things that you like as a viewer. Trust me, he played for my Celtics for a bit and I actually thought he had a chance to win Sixth Man of the Year after the first couple weeks of 2014. He can fill it up.

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