NBA Trade Deadline Recap and Thoughts

Markieff Morris to Washington

Wizards get: Markieff Morris

Suns get: DeJuan Blair, Kris Humphries, 2016 first round pick

Ever since Markieff Morris and his twin brother Morris split up I knew Markieff wouldn’t last in Phoenix. They never seen each other eye to eye and was definitely presented himself as larger risk than reward with his non-basketball issues. After a disappointing season, Washington has taken a flyer on Morris in hopes his basketball abilities will help them make the playoffs.

The Suns have clearly decided to hit the reset button. The biggest pick up of this trade is obviously a nice first round pick they’ll receive for trading away a player that is a larger distraction than profit if Phoenix was to hold onto Morris throughout their rebuild. Best case scenario for Phoenix is getting a top three selection in this year’s draft and hope to find another sharp shooter with their extra first round pick to pair with Devin Booker.

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