Predicting The NBA All-Rookie First Team




Jabari Parker- SF/PF, Milwaukee Bucks

Jabari Parker is a 6’8″ forward from Duke University. He was selected 2nd overall by the Milwaukee Bucks. Jabari is the most NBA-ready player for this draft, and he should make an instant impact for the Bucks. No, that does not mean I think he will be the best player from this draft in the long run. He had an incredible freshman season at Duke, averaging 19 points and 9 rebounds per game. There isn’t much for Jabari to improve on other than conditioning and strength. He is not an elite athlete, so that will hold him back on the defensive end of the floor. Still, he has a great offensive game and can score from basically anywhere on the floor. Parker will be asked to be the number 1 scorer for Milwaukee, so he could easily average 20 ppg during his rookie season. Jabari Parker may not be the most athletic player from this year’s draft class, but the fact that he can rebound, score from anywhere, and will the number 1 guy for the Milwaukee Bucks basically makes him a lock for the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

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