REPORT: 2 Teams Interested in Derrick Rose



With the NBA Finals coming up, lots of rumblings about where some superstars may end up this summer. Teams that are out of the race are preparing for the offseason. Regardless of the season, Derrick Rose had a bumpy, somewhat flashy at times, but still fragile year he is looking to get big money this summer.


One of those teams is the Minnesota Timberwolves who almost pulled the trigger at the trade deadline sending Ricky Rubio to New York in return for Derrick Rose. It would make sense, Derrick Rose reunites with his former coach Tom Thibodeau and the rising young squad over in Minnesota. Let’s not forget, Derrick Rose is only 28.

Another team that has rumored interest is the San Antonio Spurs, with the big blow at point guard these playoffs losing an older Tony Parker (35) to a career threatening injury. They could look to bring in Derrick Rose

VNDSGN puts Derrick Rose in both SAS and MIN jerseys!


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