The NBA Finals That Never Was



The past 10 NBA Finals have featured one of two players, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, but never both in the same year. In what will become one of the biggest ‘What if’ questions in NBA history, all we will have is comparisons and arguments of what we think could’ve happened if these 2 legends met on the biggest stage. Since 2007, a LeBron James led team or the Los Angeles Lakers have been in the Finals, so technically we could talk about how from 2011-2016 Kobe was never able to lead his team to the Finals, but after Kobe won his 5th title in 2010, he went through years of injuries, bad chemistry with teammates and was overall past his prime. For those reasons, we will only be focusing on 4 years, 2007-2010. These 4 years posed the closest we would ever come to a Kobe vs LeBron Finals, so we will be talking about those years. This is not a Kobe vs LeBron who is the better player article, I’ll be focusing on what stopped the matchup from happening, who had the better team, who had the better season and of course, who do I think would’ve won? Those 4 questions will be answered and hopefully by the end of the article I’ll have given you the best insight of what could’ve been. We start with the year that had the least likely chance of the 2 meeting in the Finals, 2007. Use page #’s to navigate through

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