The NBA Finals That Never Was


The 2007-08 Cavs win total from the previous year dropped from 50 to 45 and it also dropped the Cavs to the 4th seed in the East. LeBron kept up his stellar play, finishing the year with averages of 30/8/7 on 48% shooting per game. With starting center Big Z averaging 14 and 9 during the regular season, the Cavs made a trade in February to acquire power forward Ben Wallace. The Cavs were able to beat the 5 seed Wizards in 6 games in the first round of the playoffs, setting up a 2nd round matchup against the new Big 3 in Boston. The Cavs went down 0-2 but won their 2 games at home to tie it at 2-2. The final 3 games were decided by a total of 17 points, but it was the Celtics who won the series in 7 games. Heading into the season, the Lakers had many questions, Kobe was unhappy, wanted to be traded and publicly insulted Andrew Bynum and Mitch Kupchak. However, the Lakers began the season strong and didn’t look back. Kobe and the Lakers improved their win total by 15 games from the 06-07 season to 07-08, largely due to the trade that landed them Pau Gasol, leading them to the 1 seed in the West. Kobe averaged 28/6/5 on 46% shooting, earning him his second ever MVP. The Lakers were primed for a championship run and made it to the NBA Finals with a playoff record of 12-3, while the Cavs watched at home. But what if the Cavs did make their own run and made it to the Finals as well? We take a look at the ‘what if’ scenario, this time for the 2008 NBA Finals, what if the Cavs faced the Lakers in the 08 Finals, what would have happened? The Lakers win. Plain and simple. The Cavs beat the Lakers during both meetings in the regular season, but they were both before the Lakers acquired Gasol. The Lakers were on fire in the playoffs and the only team that could’ve stopped them (and did) was the Boston Celtics. Say the Cavs made the Finals and we had the Kobe vs LeBron Finals, I think the Lakers win. Lakers in 5.

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