The NBA Finals That Never Was

We were this close folks. This close to having the elusive Kobe vs LeBron NBA Finals that we never got. The 2008-09 season was the year it was supposed to happen. The Lakers coming off a title won an impressive 65 games and earned the number 1 seed in the West. On the other side the Cavs go 66-16 and get the 1 seed in the East. That’s it, the Cavs and Lakers can cakewalk to the Finals and we get what we want, but we can’t have nice things. The Cavs with first time MVP LeBron James sweep through the first two rounds of the playoffs, setting up a Conference Final against the Orlando Magic, easy work right, wrong. The Magic were just too much for Cleveland, taking Game 1 and almost Game 2 before LeBron hit an insane game winner at the buzzer. The Magic took care of business in Orlando putting the 1 seed Cavs down 3-1. The Cavs won Game 5, but the Magic finished them off in Game 6 earning them a trip to the NBA Finals to face the Lakers. The Cavs couldn’t take care of business and the Magic were too much for them, but what if the Cavs did win the series and advanced to the 09 Finals? What if they played the Lakers for the 09 title? LeBron was on fire during the playoffs, putting up an incredible 35/9/7 on 51% shooting. On the other side Kobe was putting up 30/5/6 on 46% shooting, leading the Lakers. Despite the Cavs having home court advantage, I still think the Lakers were the better team. LeBron was putting up insane numbers Kobe would’ve matched, but the Lakers had Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, etc. they were just too good and too deep for the Cavs. I would pick the Lakers in 6.

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