Top 10 Current NBA Players without a Ring

10. Blake Griffin, PF Los Angeles Clippers



10. Blake Griffin, PF Los Angeles Clippers

Coming off a career high in points, assists and free throw percentage, Blake Griffin elevated his game like no other last year. The first three years of his career, many thought of Blake mainly as a dunker with a decent jumper and minimal post moves. Well, that changed during the 2013 summer. With the arrival of Doc Rivers, it seemed like Blake really blossomed, he seemed more aggressive, wanted the ball more and even had more courage shooting the long range jumpers. His post moves were more effective, never hesitant and not settling for fade away jumpers. Blake is the youngest on the list and still has a lot of little things he can improve to make him better. Griffin has only seen postseason action 3 seasons in his career and hasn’t made it past the second round yet. You can only imagine in a few years how good he will be, and how far he can take a team in the future. Only time will tell if Blake can pull it off and win a title in the NBA. Use the page numbers to navigate through.

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