Top 10 NBA Players of the 90’s

Scottie Pippen


10. Scottie Pippen: Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers

Career Averages: 16.1 Points, 6.4 Boards, 5.2 Dimes


8 All Defensive First Team, 2 All Defensive Second Team, 3 All NBA First Team, 2 All NBA Second Team, 2 All NBA Third Team, 1 All Star MVP, 2 Olympic Gold Medals

If there was an all time greatest defensive team of NBA players, Scottie Pippen would be a sure fire fit. If you had to guard Jordan every single day in practice, you are bound to learn a thing or two about shutting people down. With an astounding 8 All Defensive first team bids, and 2 All Defensive second team seasons, Pippen could easily be considered as one of the greatest wing defenders in NBA history. With all of his defensive accolades, its easy to sleep on his offensive ability. Pip was voted 3rd in the MVP race without Jordan, and was a quintessential piece of each and every Chicago Championship. Use the page numbers to navigate through

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